How to wax before a training... the essential.

Ski side wall preparation... 

The preparation of the ski side takes a long time. Below an example of finished work.


Edges control with Dimond stones.... 

Normally to recondition the edges after a training we prefer to work with medium-grain diamonds. We work on the insole site (as video) and on the side site.

Ski boots can be milled in precise points. This to increase comfort, but always have an enveloping and precise feeling around the foot.

The essential:

- mark the pressure point of the foot with lipstick;

- highlight the point to grind;

- select the most suitable grinder head.

- check always  the opposite external point of the grinding with one hand.

- check how much material has been removed inside.

- properly polish the milling.

Hot deformation of ski boot..... COMING SOON...

How to make a Ski edges... 



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