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  • Their tapered shape at the tip makes the movement of the foot easier and their asymmetric crampon design makes walking on snow safer.
    > Flexible and resistant rubber.
    > Inner frame for better grip on your shoes.
    > One size
    > Available in several colors.
    > Makes it easy to walk with your ski boots
    > Protects the outer sole of your shoes 

    Size adjustment:
    > Check the length of your ski boot in mm
    > Adjust the ski boot traction device to the corresponding size (round down). The tip of the arrow indicates the size selected. 
    > Screw in with a Phillips screwdriver.

    Fitting the device on the shoe:
    > Strap on the ski boot traction, starting from the front of the boot, then pull back to adjust it on the heel.
    > This product should be stored in a dry place, away from heat and UV sources. It is recommended to check the product every year.  

  • Shipping in 3-5 working days with DHL courier.

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