Last 93 mm . Flex Index 120/130/140 World Cup .


This boot need specific modification and it is not possible ship witout. 

Do you must take the appointment to make it as your foot feature and in according with the ISO Norm, in the shop.

HEAD Raptor R3

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€350.00Prezzo in saldo
Colore: white
  • The Raptor R3 RD is the perfect choice for the professional athlete. The race boot delivers exact power transfer and control. The boot is fully customisable and armed with FIS approved sole thickness and RD slalom kit. The boot features an adjustable flex of 140 to 120 and comes along with Flex performance tuning, Racing Double canting, Rear support tuning and Racing spoiler. The racing pro liner provides an adjustable tongue, laces option, racing footbed and slalom Velcro strap. 4 screwed micro-adjustable Spineflex racing dpt alloy buckles and RD low profile buckles deliver optimum, pinch-free foot wrap.

  • shipping in 3-5 working days with DHL courier.