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Be ok with your boots is a prerogative of the Athlets but also of all the people that spend few time on the snow. Choose a correct ski boots is very important because this determines a win or defeat, a beautiful skiing day or a bad day.


All the boots that go out of our shop are setting to the specific foots features of the client.

This takes time, so we don't  beleave it is possible to adapt and sell a ski boot in 10 minutes.

After a careful examination of your foot on podoscope and with the misurator tool , we identify two or maximum three models of ski boots to try. The best of these, will be adapt to your foot.

To adapt the boots there are much methods. Depends on the type of ski boot: race, all-round... and to the materials with which it is built. It is possible grinding or pumping the shell of the boots, but it is also possible adapting the inn-boot, making windows or removing the material to give more space.

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